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First, I must emphatically state that not all Alexander teachers are the same. Therefore, what I am about to describe is particularly unique to my style of teaching.

I have had several clients injured by concussions and/or TBI.  Two of them stand out for me in that, the reason their symptoms remained in a chronic state was because the brain had altered the placement of the spinal cord on a kinesthetic level.  In plain English, the brain thought the spinal cord was two inches to the left of where it actually was.  The brain then proceeded to adapt the entire body’s coordination based on this botched structure, leaving it trapped in all kinds of pain, e.g. headaches, balance problems, eye focus, uneven jaw placement, etc.

It was miraculous, quite frankly, to witness the changes these clients  manifested once the correct information was made available to the brain.  However, it takes courage to move through this process, as the trauma might be revisited to a certain degree in order to effect the change.

I recently worked with an Iraq war veteran who suffered from excruciating headaches for 5 years after a rocket propelled  grenade attack.  In six lessons over an 8 week period his headaches were gone.  Sounds easy, but it was necessary for him to recall some difficult experiences in order to release into his authentic coordination.

I find that surgical intervention makes it almost impossible for me to restore the brain back to it’s natural functioning.  I never say “never” but those cases have been extremely difficult for me.

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